Self-Reliant Security

SECURITY (peace)

Security is freedom from fear, anxiety, or want in the face of threats, danger, or uncertainty. Security protects and preserves. It means to have a plan, to be on guard and prepared for both the expected and the unexpected. Central to security is awareness. Having a working knowledge and understanding of what’s going on around us is essential. Security and preparedness transform concern, fear, and uncertainty into eagerness, confidence, and hope.
When faced with threats and adversity, being secure means having the knowledge and power to pivot at will. Whether threats are short-term, long-term, or even permanent in nature, being prepared can shield us from the damaging or debilitating consequences. Being prepared also includes special focus on readiness and acquiring (at a minimum) the life-sustaining essentials (the Basic Essentials) including the knowledge, skills, and resources that are of utmost importance in times of urgency. Additionally, being resilient, mobile, rebound ready are essential elements of wholistic security.

AWARENESS – The condition of being aware, informed, attentive, and on guard, having knowledge and understanding. Awareness is essential to fully empower self-reliance and to protect us against dangers, threats, and the consequences of ignorance. In a constantly changing world, it helps us avoid costly mistakes and missed opportunities while opening our eyes to a whole world of possibilities and options. This in turn can save us from loss, hassle, frustration, stress, and anxiety.

PROTECTION – The state of protecting or being protected. To shield, guard, protect, or insulate from harm, accident, loss, damage, injury, attack, etc. Common areas of consideration for protection might include: bodily, family, home, personal property, finances, identity, cybersecurity, etc. Areas of concern can range from health, relationships, and financial, on one end to natural disasters, economic collapse, and international war on the other. While it’s true that virtually anything of value can be damaged, weakened, devalued, lost, or destroyed, the good news is there is almost always a way to protect and preserve most everything. The strongest protection requires a proactive, assertive approach rather than reactively responding in time of crisis. The most effective protection is built on a foundation of awareness and prevention.

PIVOT READY – Ready, willing, and able to shift direction or change plans at any time from where you are to where you would like or need to be. It means having a viable backup plan, having the ability to shift between a daily living focus to security then back to normal daily living at will and as needed seamlessly. Pivoting can be driven from both the pain or gain perspectives. For example, it can be initiated to avoid problems, threats, and uncertainties on one hand or to improve life circumstances, and build opportunities on the other. A pivot can also be triggered by a significant event or point in life such as a wake-up call, a reality check, an aha moment, or a revelation. This ironically can lead to empowering changes.

PREPAREDNESS – The state of being adequately prepared and ready for both expected and unexpected threats and challenges. Preparedness means having the awareness and understanding along with the knowledge, skills, capabilities, and means necessary to respond properly and effectively. It addresses potential severity, longevity, and impacts. In time of need, challenges could cut individuals off from traditional resources ranging from short-term emergencies lasting a few days to much more serious national or global events lasting a year or more. Thoughtful judgment should be used in quantity, quality, and types of things to be stored and to have on hand.

MOBILE READY – Ready, willing, and able to move or relocate from where you are to a safer or preferred location especially in time of threat or urgency under your own power and ability without assistance if possible. Mobile Ready means having an action plan, checklist, and the supplies and equipment you need; ready to go at a moment’s notice including vehicles, trailers, backpacks, or whatever it takes to be ready to relocate quickly. The needs and level of mobile readiness are determined based upon the levels of potential threats, awareness, and understanding. Depending upon circumstances, a move could range from short-term, short distance to long-term, long-distance. Different levels of mobility include: foot mobile, personal powered, motorized vehicles (and trailers), recreational vehicles, and public transportation (under certain circumstances). At the very least, most individuals should be a least foot mobile ready.

REBOUND READY – Prepared and ready to stabilize, recover, and re-establish after suffering a setback, damage, or loss as from a personal challenge, trial, disaster, crisis, calamity, or other debilitating events. Rebound Ready empowers the ability to bounce back, rebuild, and operate even from seemingly frustrating, discouraging, and hopeless situations. This means having a re-establishment and rebuild plan along with the requisite materials, supplies, tools, and resources within your capability.
If perchance you may have to relocate, this means trying to anticipate the circumstances, needs, tools, and materials necessary to re-establish and rebuild at the new location. This also includes the ability to launch home production and operate sustainably. Areas of focus might include: food production, water, fuel, sanitation, and home manufacturing, etc.

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