About Us

About Us

What we do…

At Self-Reliant Living, “we teach and empower self-reliance and independence”.  We help individuals enjoy a healthy, abundant LivingStyle driven by purpose while helping them prepare for times of trouble in a world of growing uncertainty.  

We have developed a unique and extraordinary LivingStyle and readiness program that empowers individuals to transform their lives and circumstances to achieve greater happiness, life satisfaction, security, and peace of mind.  

To facilitate this, we are launching the world’s largest premier “Self-Reliance Learning and Resource Center”.

Our Purpose, Vision, and Mission…

PURPOSE:  “To bring Wholistic Self-Reliance and hope to the world”
VISION:  “To empower every individual to achieve a life of wholeness, happiness, and security driven by purpose”
MISSION:  “To transform lives.  To build the world’s largest, premier Self-Reliance Learning and Resource Center.  To create a viral movement and to grow a thriving community united in purpose.”

Our Team

Dave Noack  

CEO, Founder, Program Director

Karen Noack  

Health Director, Certified Life/Health Coach