Self-Reliant Education

EDUCATION (enlightenment)

Education is the knowledge, understanding, experience, and skills we acquire through the learning process. Wisely applied, education is the gateway to personal power! It enhances our ability to discover, to reason, to innovate, and to make wise choices. Education can help us avoid and mitigate the consequences of ignorance and misunderstanding. To be fully effective it must be built on a firm foundation of truth and our quest for truth. It deepens and broadens our perspective; it helps us fully utilize and leverage resources; and it empowers our ability to become self-reliant and independent.
Self-reliant education enhances our ability to adapt or pivot as needed at any time especially when faced with challenges. It helps us to see through different eyes alternative options and possibilities. Remember, if you don’t know your options, you don’t have any! A self-reliant education empowers your ability to “start where you are, use what you already have, in ways you never imagined, to accomplish things you never thought possible!”

PERSPECTIVE – A comprehensive and accurate view of things in scope, depth, and scale from all angles and viewpoints (both visually and mentally). Perspective is the way you see and understand things. Building proper perspective deepens knowledge, awareness, understanding, and personal power. It puts things in context and provides a frame of reference when evaluating news, information, ideas, options, and other viewpoints. It provides an essential foundation that can help you achieve a healthy, abundant livingstyle while helping to insulate and protect you against times of trouble in a world of growing uncertainty. The hallmark of perspective is a fearless quest for truth that results in a lifelong journey of discovery and empowerment.

FORMAL EDUCATION – Academic training received systematically from trained teachers in a classroom setting (or online) that typically results in a diploma or certification. This helps build credentials, perspective, and knowledge and may be required for certain job applications or when seeking to upgrade employment. This helps to create a marketable skill or talent, build confidence, generate more income, improve abilities, learn a discipline, and better empowers the ability to serve and help others.

SELF-RELIANCE – Learning and education for the purpose of being able to depend and rely upon your own self (capabilities, judgment, and resources) to meet personal needs and to better serve those around you. Self-Reliance Education is focused on building knowledge, understanding, and wisdom that empower greater independence and satisfaction in daily living. It also focuses on building the confidence and power to pivot at will when faced with challenging and uncertain times. This means being aware, alert, and in tune with the world around us and being prepared to respond; having the ability to adapt and improvise; knowing what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

SKILLS – The knowledge, expertise, experience, and ability to do something well with competence and confidence (special focus on self-reliance skills). The more skill one acquires the greater the know-how, discernment, speed, accuracy, and proficiency. This saves time, money, hassle, and frustration. It builds greater capability, elevating optimism, desire, effectiveness and empowers desired outcomes. Initial, special focus should be on acquiring the Basic Essential skills (life-sustaining skills during uncertain times).

ARCHIVES – A library of self-reliance focused materials and resources readily accessible especially in times of need. Archives are a comprehensive collection of useful, valuable, and practical information that supports and empowers abundant – productive living with a special focus on security and preparedness especially for lean or challenging times. It is highly recommended that this collection or repository is in a hard copy format (such as books and printed materials) not just in a vulnerable electronic data format. This can include: books, data, documents, records, genealogy, journals, notes, etc. Your archives should include a complete how-to, fingertip reference library of the “Basic Essentials” (life-sustaining information). They become invaluable for personal referencing or when teaching others.

COACHING – A guided method and approach to learning from someone with seasoned knowledge and experience to accelerate the learning process in a safe and productive manner. Coaching helps to build knowledge and understanding, experience and skill. It helps to build perspective; it helps to safely and effectively navigate opportunities, methodologies, and pathways; and it helps to explore options and possibilities while avoiding or minimizing costly mistakes, pitfalls, and consequences. Coaching is more than just receiving help, it’s also giving and serving. In fact, one of the most effective ways to learn is to selflessly teach and share what we have learned with others in their quest for truth and self-reliance.

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