Self-Reliant Purpose

PURPOSE (empowerment)

Purpose is the reason you exist. It’s the difference you strive to make in the world. It is inspired by your higher purpose, overarching beliefs, and core values. It is central to the entire program of Wholistic Self-Reliance. It provides meaning, direction, and power to everything you do.
Purpose is the core inner driver that governs your every thought and action. It fuels ambition, desire, and creativity. It is the driving force in the world of maximum accomplishment. Having a strong, clearly identified purpose elevates our beliefs, attitudes, and motives while inspiring selfless service for others! Amazingly, it is an anchor that can carry us through even the most challenging times when faced with overwhelming adversity.

BELIEFS – Assumptions and views accepted to be true or factual which directly influence thoughts and actions. They form the very foundation of a person’s reality. Beliefs rooted in actual truth can be incredibly empowering while beliefs and convictions based on false ideas and assumptions can have debilitating or catastrophic consequences in life. Essential to wholistic self-reliance, beliefs are characterized by a fearless quest for truth having the courage and commitment to align beliefs with empirical truth, willing to make the requisite LivingStyle and lifestyle changes.

ATTITUDES – A feeling, disposition, or stance with respect to another person, circumstance, situation, or subject. Attitudes reflect angles of view. They have a direct, immediate impact on outcomes. They can range from positive, healthy, can-do attitudes on one end to self-defeating, debilitating, and destructive on the other. When faced with challenging or stressful times, attitudes can be put to the ultimate tests. Never-the-less, attitudes are a choice and directly impact our world around us, staying in tune and in charge (on a positive level) can result in successful, peaceful, balanced outcomes and empowered living.

MOTIVES – The reasons, purpose, motivation, or intentions that cause us to act and move toward outcomes we wish to achieve. Motives are directly impacted by our beliefs, attitudes, and hopes. They can be pure, healthy, and selfless or self-centered, unhealthy, and counterproductive. Weak motives lead to procrastination or indifference. Learning options and discovering empowering reasons can strengthen motives and significantly enhance the probability of success.

FAITH / HOPE – Hope is a desire or the anticipation that something is true or can happen. Hope can strengthen with growing evidence until we “expect with confidence”. Faith is hoping for things which are actually true but without having a full knowledge. It is strengthened and reinforced by accumulating evidences until we reach perfect knowledge. Faith is not “idle wishing”, it is an action word, it means doing things! Building faith is a process and can continue to grow until we act with full confidence in an anticipated outcome. Hope and Faith are essential to growth and success. Together, they are the foundation building blocks of belief and motivation. Exercising faith (acting) and hope (expectations) require studying things out, then experimenting watching for validating evidence.
From a self-reliant perspective, being prepared means to develop the essential knowledge, skills, confidence, and faith you need especially during urgent and trying times.

CHARITY – Selflessly serving others. When truly understood and practiced, charity is an incredibly powerful principle that facilitates the highest levels of heartfelt joy, satisfaction, and self-worth. Driven by pure motives and intents, charity is also amazingly therapeutic and healing. It is the best remedy for overcoming self-pity, despair, boredom, selfishness, and loneliness. During extreme and trying times, charity brings greater purpose, it strengthens resolve, and enhances the ability to endure and persevere in the face of overwhelming odds.

RELATIONSHIPS – Connections, interactions, and bonds between individuals. This includes the network of individuals we live with, play with, work with, and associate with. Relationships can be our greatest source of joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment or they can be our greatest source of stress, sorrow, and disappointment. A primary goal in relationships is connecting with others at a deep heartfelt level. Truly, it’s not so important how others treat us as it is how we treat them, especially in the face of adversity. This is evidenced by unwavering love and compassion in our feelings and actions toward all others.

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