Self-Reliant Resources

RESOURCES (support)

Resources are any assets, supplies, materials, tools, sources, or support that can be drawn upon in time of want or need. They also include information, knowledge, and expertise. The greater the depth and diversity of resources we have available to us and our knowledge and ability to use them, the greater our power and capability.
Building resources empowers our ability to accomplish our goals and mission in life and ultimately to fulfill our purpose. They provide the freedom and flexibility to make choices at will. They give us options! Furthermore, they empower our ability to serve and help others. Use discernment and wisdom on the types, quantity, and quality of resources.

PERSONAL – Anything that supports, reinforces, strengthens, or builds an individual from a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or social standpoint. “Personal Resources” include any products, services, items, or assets utilized for direct personal maintenance, self-improvement, and protection along with anything that improves personal strength, stamina, and overall well-being. This includes everything from clothing, eyeglasses, personal hygiene products, medical support devices, and exercise equipment to coaching, education, and skills development.

FINANCIAL – Anything related to job income, business ownership, investments, retirement, or other revenue streams. Also, any money, capital, funds, or financial instruments used as a common means of exchange to acquire goods and services or things of value. Financial instruments and agreements are any type of asset that can be exchanged, traded, or utilized including such things as: currency, checks, bank drafts, shares, stocks, bonds, contracts, notes, pensions, retirement accounts, credit and loan instruments, etc. Financial also encompasses the extending and receiving of credit in all forms.
While financial instruments and systems may simplify the trading process they can also be fickle and vulnerable. They only work effectively when there is trust and confidence in their value. As such, they can be extremely vulnerable to valuation shifts as a result of things such as economic instability, recessions, inflation, deflation, currency devaluation, shifting exchange rates, etc. Wealth from a self-reliance perspective incorporates a healthy balance of financial and non-financial (tangible real property) asset building. This brings significantly stronger security in challenging or extreme times.

ASSETS – Any useful, valuable items, things, resources, or property that are owned, controlled, or at our disposal for use, benefit, or protection especially in our quest for self-reliance and independence. Assets can be sold, bartered, traded, shared, or utilized. They include such things as: materials, supplies, tools, money, capital, retirement funds, skills, intellectual property, real estate, equipment, vehicles, and personal belongings. Building assets can improve our condition and position while reinforcing our ability to serve and help others. They increase our power, options, ability to make choices.

ACCELERATOR – A Self-Reliant Living program that significantly speeds up resource building and development while shortening the time required to achieve self-reliance and independence. With the Accelerator, you learn how to start where you are; use what you already have; in unique and innovative ways; to accomplish goals and objectives much more quickly and efficiently. This is accomplished utilizing innovative techniques to wisely manage, leverage, and grow existing finances, resources, and assets.

ENERGY – A material, force, or power that when harnessed or converted into usable forms can be put to work in a multitude of useful ways. Energy can be used in virtually every area of life for such things as: heating, cooling, electrical power, lighting, transportation, cooking, communications, pumping, refrigeration, sanitation, appliances, power tools, security, entertainment, engines, farming, manufacturing, and so much more. It makes life easier, more productive, comfortable, safe, and secure. Sources of energy include: hydro power, fossil fuels, combustibles, wind, solar, tidal, nuclear, geo-thermal, electro-magnetic, etc. Alternative and renewable energy coupled with wise management practices make individuals much more self-reliant and independent.

NETWORK – An interrelated association or group of individuals having shared or common interests who work with and support each other. A healthy network can provide access to a vast pool of knowledge, information, expertise, connections, and resources. To that end, networking is connecting with others to develop and nurture relationships for mutual benefit. Network building can open channels and pathways to greater success and accomplishment more quickly and efficiently than in almost any other way. The larger the network, the more expansive the possibilities. While the goal of Wholistic Self-Reliance is independence, interdependence is a more practical, empowering, accelerated, and common-sense approach to becoming independent.

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