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“We teach and empower self-reliance and independence”.  We help individuals enjoy a healthy, abundant LivingStyle™ driven by purpose while helping them prepare for times of trouble in a world of growing uncertainty.
 We have developed a unique and extraordinary LivingStyle™ and Readiness Program that empowers individuals to transform their lives and circumstances to achieve greater happiness, life satisfaction and security. 

Growing Public Concerns

The news is filled with reports and studies showing there is significant and growing public concern over the erosion of quality of life in almost every segment of society.  People are feeling vulnerable, at risk, and less secure.  According to these major reports and studies, the economy, employment, health, and retirement issues top the list of concerns, accompanied by a growing distrust of government, business, and media. 

 Ongoing Studies…

have also revealed that “happiness” and “life satisfaction” levels drop steadily and significantly after the age of 20.  Astoundingly, this midlife drop-off for most people lasts for 40 years and bottoms out between 45 and 60 years of age.  People become mired, bogged down, and distracted in daily living which manifests itself in a myriad of ways such as: financial vulnerability, rising debt, declining health, failing relationships, discouragement, frustration, and so much more.
As a result, most of us as individuals are not where we want to be in life.  We are not as happy as we would like to be, we are not living life to its fullest, the large majority of us cannot clearly identify our “purpose in life”, most of us are almost wholly unprepared for the unexpected, and we have no backup plan.
As a society, we have become the most dependent people in history.  This is especially ironic when considering all of the amazing innovations, technologies, and products that abound in the world today. Never before have so many, become so dependent, on so few for even the simplest of necessities including: food, clean water, shelter, clothing, energy, warmth, transportation, health and wellness, etc.
Not surprisingly, people are looking for answers and options.  And, although individuals can find almost anything they’re looking for on the internet, they generally feel overwhelmed by all the information and choices. We witness this ongoing frustration at almost every juncture. They don’t know what to do, where to begin, who to trust, or how to incorporate these things into their daily living.  In general, they feel effective solutions are out of reach and in many cases, cost prohibitive. 

What if…  

there was a simple, practical, “wholistic” way to mitigate most of these concerns?  An approach that could improve quality of life in virtually any area imaginable?  A way that could help individuals achieve levels of hope, happiness, and fulfillment they never thought possible?  A way to pivot with ease in the face of life altering situations, all while helping them discover greater purpose in life and living? And, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a trusted source that could provide easy access to all the answers, support, tools, and resources someone might need in one location?  Well, this reality has never been more probable…

Welcome to Self-Reliant Living… 

After years of focused effort and hard work, we have pioneered empowering solutions to these issues and concerns. We have developed and tested a unique and powerful LivingStyle™ & Readiness Program with the power to change the way the world looks at daily living and security.  To facilitate this, we are preparing to launching a powerful “self-reliance education and resource center”. 
As we roll it out, our wholistic focused resource center will be powered and supported by four primary website platforms including:  a Learning Center, Marketplace, Community Network, and a Personal Workspace.  Our unique perspectives and proprietary systems coupled with 44 years of seasoned knowledge and broad industry experience have not only made this possible, it has fueled powerful, innovative solutions! 


Our Focus…

Our PURPOSE is “to bring Wholistic Self-Reliance® and hope to the world transforming lives and opportunities.

Our VISION is “to empower every individual to achieve a life of wholeness, happiness, and security driven by purpose”.

Our threefold MISSION is “to build a premier self-reliance resource center; to create a vibrant selfless movement; and to build a thriving community united in purpose.



  We are here for you!



 Discover a “Whole New World of Possibilities!”




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