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Tuesday Night, 1 class


6:30pm – 9:00pm


Mary’s Health & Welfare Center
160 E. Valley River Drive #1
Rexburg, Idaho
(behind Subway on 2nd East)

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Did you know...

  • 50% of ALL adults have at least one chronic health condition!
  • Over 70% of ALL adults are overweight or obese!
  • Nearly 70% use prescriptions

Learn how to...

  • Transform your health with 8 Basic Essential Steps
  • Take charge of your own health and become independent
  • Start where your are … use what you already have … to accomplish things you never thought possible!

How we can help...

Our mission is to connect you with the best self-reliant resources available through precision screening and expert analysis from 40+ years of experience. We provide classes, coaching, personal assessments, tools, and resources. 


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40+ Years Experience

Karen Noack, Certified Self-Reliant Health & Life Coach
Dave Noack, CEO/Founder – Self-Reliant Living, LLC

Don't procrastinate your good health any longer

10 simple, amazing topics that will change your life forever!

The news is filled with reports and studies showing that the vast majority of people are headed for serious health trouble. The fact is… most people will either be caught by surprise or they will be devastated by the serious consequences of health problems because of poor habits, misguided beliefs, or addictive type behaviors.
These Self-Reliant Health classes are ALL essential and work together in harmony to create a wholistic, balanced pathway to lifelong happiness and success!

AREAS COVERED in this Class…

  1. Self-Reliant Health an amazing overview to the health problems and struggles people face and simple, powerful steps you can take right now to change your health forever!
  2. 6 essential keys to a successful diet plan
  3. Driving health success on purpose with purpose
  4. Essential keys and habits of proper hydration
  5. 9 low-toxin diet rules and how to detox
  6. How cheating on sleep hurts and what you can do about it
  7. The miracles of exercise in only minutes a day
  8. Stress triggers, management, and mitigation
  9. Build winning attitudes that drive
  10. Health for hard and challenging times, you’ll be amazed!

What doth it profit if a man gain the world and LOSE his health?

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