purpose empowered living

Purpose Empowered Living

The Three Cornerstones of Self-Reliant Living

What is “Purpose Empowered Living”?

Here at Self-Reliant Living®, we believe that Purpose, Abundant Living, and Security are the Three Cornerstones™ of what we call Purpose Empowered Living. The above graphic illustrates the concept, but here’s an explanation to help you understand how it all works together.

When we are empowered with a purpose in life, that purpose provides meaning and direction for us. It allows us to go beyond just living and enables us to experience abundant living, wherein we have all that we need and want because our desires naturally align with our purpose. Having a higher purpose in life, gives us meaning and motivation in all we do. 

Living in abundance naturally leads to a feeling of peace, which is a result of the security we are able to build. That security in turn protects our ability to live abundantly. 

Our peace (Security) and abundance (Living) provide the necessary support to accomplish our Purpose.

purpose empowered living

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